The "laboratory" comprises a space in which LANGUAGE is to create an intercultural challenge through an experimental working method. Artists, artists - / project groups, institutions are invited worldwide to participate in the project in the form of a "satellite". The plan is to cooperate with 4 - max 8 worldwide satellites, each representing their country. With the help of these "laboratory satellites" a cross-continental art project will be installed.

The monologue and the dialogue serve as the basis for the socio-artistically guided exploration of the area of ​​SOUND AND SOUL. These may be areas such. Poetry, narratives, reports or even singing. The interaction platform between SOUND AND SOUL that opens up here is the "material" for all other satellites launched, such as: In China, Morocco, Norway or Ukraine. The material, the LANGUAGE and the "in between" are viewed, explored and analyzed in the laboratory in different ways, artistically interpreted and brought into "form". The project pursues two initial stages to approach the multi-faceted topic of LANGUAGE.

LANGUAGES are not just words that are fundamental to an interactive encounter between people.


LANGUAGE is not only a condition for perception, but also responsible for conveying aesthetic conditions and processes.


LANGUAGE is able to show limits, but at the same time a tool, designing them as a membrane permeable.

After all, LANGUAGE is more than a medium of communication, because other factors such as emotions, gestures and sound, that is SOUND AND SOUL play a major role.


In the project LABORATORY OF SOUND AND SOUL possible levels and facets of SOUND AND SOUL are artistically analyzed, researched and interpreted.